The $1,000-added Gold Silver Bronze Open Series primarily caters to the top-level players (rated 9 and higher on the AllOutPool tour). These events run alongside the Amateur Series events in order to increase spectatorship and maximize participation in the open-event auction. The Gold Silver Bronze Open Series is specifically designed to reward the well-rounded players for the many years of hard work they have put into honing their skills.

The main highlights of this series are the fair-match (i.e., handicapped) races and the winner-breaks format in which the incoming breaker gets to choose whether to play 8-ball or 10-ball. The hybrid nature of this competitive setup aims to favor the well-rounded, strategy-oriented players by affording them the freedom to choose the discipline that best suits them every time they’re at bat.


  • PLAYER A wins the lag and chooses to play 10-ball.
  • PLAYER A breaks.
  • PLAYER A wins the first game and chooses 10-ball again.
  • PLAYER A breaks.
  • PLAYER B wins the second game and chooses 8-ball.
  • PLAYER B breaks.


  • PLAYER A wins the lag and chooses to play 10-ball.
  • PLAYER A breaks.
  • PLAYER B wins the first game and switches to 8-ball.
  • PLAYER B breaks.
  • PLAYER A wins the second game and decides to switch back to 10-ball.
  • PLAYER A breaks.

Rewards Program

  • Participation in the Gold Silver Bronze Open Series is rewarded with a points-based program.
  • The top three points leaders are all rewarded with free entry fees into the open division of the $4,000-added Jimmy Reid Annual Championship season finale.
  • See the AllOutPool Rewards Program page for further details.

Event Highlights

  • Always a one-day event to minimize travel expenses.
  • 16-player field, expandable to 20 whenever possible (i.e., depending on the number of tables, table difficulty factor, hours of operation).
  • $75 entry fee.
  • A minimum added-money fund of $1,000, thanks to our sponsors. (Prorated based on a minimum field of 16 players).
  • Double-elimination matches featuring both 8-ball and 10-ball.
  • Race-to-handicap matches on both the winners and losers sides.
  • Winner breaks – The incoming breaker chooses 8-ball or 10-ball every time he/she is at bat.
  • One final ‘extended’ race (time permitting).
  • The two finalists may split first and second prizes if they so choose.


  • The top five finalists are awarded (based on 16 to 20 total players).
  • Incurred expenses are usually limited to roughly 4-5%, and they include the cost of printing (flyers and score sheets), event marketing, PayPal fees, and tournament management assistance. If applicable, players will be notified of any additional (incidental) expenses. WE DO NOT PROFIT OR HOLD ANYTHING BACK!!!
  • It is the tour’s policy not to schedule events at venues that require a per-player green fee unless they also supplement the added-money fund by an amount exceeding the green fees.

The percentage payout estimates to the top five finalists are based on a full field of 16 to 20 players:


  • 1ST PLACE / GOLD: 38%
  • 2ND PLACE / SILVER: 25%
  • 3RD PLACE / BRONZE: 18%
  • 4TH PLACE: 13%
  • 5TH PLACE: 6%

Please visit the AllOutPool Events Schedule page to find out about the upcoming Gold Silver Bronze Open Series events.

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